It is an adventure to explore the world by teaching and learning.  Those willing to grab hold of the opportunity can meet wonderful people and build friendships while challenging personal growth to live, work and play in a new city.


Small classes with caring teachers open the world to you with practical experience and application.  It will help you find your place in it.




Life brings opportunities and adventures.  Question is, are you looking for a change to take a leap in your career or are you looking for an opportunity to explore the world while gaining insight into your own personal growth and development?

Over the last decade we have been working both in the education and corporate recruitment roles in Canada and across the world.  

Our speciality is talent search and recruitment. We invest in people. We are looking for energetic and dedicated Canadian teachers to work in accredited schools to teach, learn and explore in the international education community.  Join us today and learn of the opportunities to cross the oceans, enhance your career, and foster life long friendships around the world.  

Our team of Canadian teachers are delivering a two week General English Program at Trinity College at the University of Toronto.  We will be offering a unique educational approach to four week General English Summer Program in which students will improve their language skills while learning and exploring major cities across central and eastern Canada from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax.  Students will travel by VIA train, making various stops  to savour quiet moments to observe, and enjoy Canada's natural beauty both in landscape and people. Join us! 

The Adventure Begins

We Make Our Own Future.  Tulip Canada Can Help.

Tulip Canada

Teach. Learn. Explore. 

Canadians are respectful, friendly and helpful. We try our best to share our learnings, and help those we meet.  The Canadian education system is highly regarded and recognized in the world both as a profession and those willing to explore the world as they expand their career horizons.

Are you looking to start your teaching career?  Are you looking for a change to elevate your career to the next level?  Are you looking for a personal growth opportunity or a life adventure? Tulip Canada is here to help you!  With our talent to foster relationships, and work with the international education community, we will find the right teaching opportunity for you!




Help establish best practices, share knowledge and apply your talents in a new land while elevating your career to the next level. 

I am a human geographer by academics, however a 20 year career in social policy along with corporate and marketing strategies in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in Canada compliments my willingness to understand the world and its people.  My teaching adventure began in Fuzhou, China which lead to a curiosity to explore the world, sharing education and application experiences from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, valued time to enjoy with a simplicity in life with kind people -- to savour and  witness the revolution in Cairo, Egypt and the dynamics of the youth attempting to gain their freedoms both in the political arena as well as the classroom.  

Each adventure has offered gifts both in learnings, experiences and friendships.  There are many cherished moments added to my book of life because I was willing to take a leap, an adventure and do something out of the ordinary.   These experiences brought tears of joy and frustration,  however above all, they taught me more about myself, and the world I live in.  As global citizens we need to be students of the world.  Change is inevitable in life, however the constant is people. Regardless of where we are in the world, people aspire to dream, raise a family and strengthen their legacy for the next generation. Consider teaching abroad.  Learning while you apply your talents and skills, and most of all, explore the world and make your own life lessons and experiences. 

The world is at your door step. Decide your next adventure. Decide if you wish to teach or be a student. Take the leap! We will be with you every step of the way.  Join us! 

Lori Ann Comeau

President & CEO