Career Counselling & Coaching

We can help guide your career and refine your goals.  We will support you every step of the way.

"They are a dedicated team of professionals.  The coaching service was amazing!  I learned so much as I prepared for my teaching adventure.  The network is still constant as I grow in my career.  Thank so much Tulip Canada!”, says Guilda, United States.

Teach! Learn! Explore!

Experience a new land across the oceans as an educational administrator, staff support or teacher.  Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and South America await you!  

Take the step! Send your resume. Tell us the cities or countries you wish to work.  Apply your talents. Gain experience. 

Take a journey of a lifetime! It starts now! 

Get paid to see the world!  

Tulip Canada

"Tulip Canada cares about me and my career. They were with me every step of the way -- from the screening to preparing for the presentation to the job offer. They even helped with my transition to the Middle East adventure.  I am happy to offer my endorsement.”, says Mark, United Kingdom.

"The service continues as does the relationship with Tulip Canada. They are committed as they are talented. They are ethical as they are compassionated”, states Amelia, Canada.

Great service! Wonderful people! Worth the investment”, says Jon, South African.

Teach. Learn. Explore. 

"Amazing service.  Great people.  Thank you!”, Christopher, United States.

"Thank you!  Tulip Canada’s insightful advise helped me secure a teaching position.  The preparatory support build my confidence”, says Janice, Canada.